Are you worried about your Child’s handwriting ?

Help your child improve his/her handwriting !

Our handwriting is very personal, a part of our self-image and an expression of our personality, just as the way we dress and present ourselves.

Handwriting is one of the important ways of expressing your thoughts, just like speech, and it also leaves a lasting trace. Handwriting is a complex skill that develops over time. To learn handwriting children need to combine fine motor skills, language, memory and concentration.


The research states that when we write using our hands, there is an increased opportunity for learning and memory. There is a direct correlation between legible handwriting and academic performance.  When students write legibly, their academics have shown improvement.

A recent study shared that “The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard”. Researchers Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer found that students who take notes by hand perform better than students who take notes on laptops. Students who took notes by writing their notes in a notebook actually comprehended the information and were able to put it in their own words—which requires both an understanding of the material and recall. On the other side, the students who took their notes on their laptops using the keyboard had a much more shallow interpretation of the lesson.

Handwriting offers countless benefits to today’s students. With practice, handwriting helps individuals in boosting their confidence, better dexterity, improved recall, and memory.


Though People are shifting from paper to electronic modes of communication, interestingly, even in this modern age, Handwriting with pen and paper still has an important role from early childhood through our adult lives.

Handwriting is important when assessments are based on written work, particularly in time-limited written examinations, which remain a major form of assessment for many formal qualifications.
Despite the increased use of computers for writing, the skill of handwriting remains important in education, employment and in everyday life.

Help your child improve his/her grades / marks !

Without fast and legible handwriting, students may miss out on learning opportunities and under-achieve academically.

Handwriting is a very complex skill to master, one that involves linguistic, cognitive, perceptual and motor components, all of which have to be coordinated into an integrated fashion. Although we take it for granted, some people, young and old, find handwriting very difficult to perform and feel they need help to perfect the skill.

HANDWRITING MASTERS help individuals in developing their handwriting

Our Handwriting Development Program is specially designed to help improve and develop handwriting that is elegant and beautiful. 

Our students have witnessed remarkable changes in their handwriting which has made this course most enquired one by others.

Our Handwriting Development Program helps the Child :

  • Boosts his self confidence
  • A neat and legible Handwriting
  • Improves writing speed
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Improves Grades / Marks

A neat and legible handwriting is the key to Academic Success, Personal & Professional Growth !

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